Terms of use

The website economico.ch is operated by c-alm AG (imprint). These terms of use apply to the use of this website (hereinafter referred to as "services").

1. Authorization to use the service

The information on this website is directed exclusively at natural persons or legal entities with (domicile) in Switzerland. With regard to regulatory client segmentation, the services offered by economico.ch are aimed exclusively at professional (Art. 4 para. 3 FIDLEG) and institutional clients (Art. 4 para. 4 FIDLEG). Wealthy private clients and private investment structures established for them may only declare themselves to be professional clients if he or she:

  1. has, by virtue of personal training and professional experience or comparable experience in the financial sector, the knowledge necessary to understand the risks of the investments and has assets of at least 500,000 francs; or
  2. has assets of at least 2 million Swiss francs.

2. Use of the services

By using our website and entering data, users agree to these Terms of Use and our privacy policy. The use of our services for illegal purposes or for purposes that interfere with the website is prohibited. c-alm AG reserves the right to monitor the use of the services in order to verify compliance with these terms of use and the privacy policy or any applicable laws or legal obligations. Access to the services, their quality, speed and availability are at all times at the sole discretion of c-alm AG. Access to customer accounts may be blocked, suspended or terminated at any time and without notice. If you notice any occurrences in connection with our website that appear to you to be out of the ordinary, we would be very grateful if you would report them to us immediately.

3. Setting up an account

You have the possibility to register for creating and viewing detailed analyses of asset management mandates. The creation of the account is free of charge. With the required data entry (first and last name, e-mail, mobile phone number, etc.), the user receives a personal password, which is required for logging in. Logging in as a registered user is done by means of 2-factor authentication, whereby the user is sent an SMS to the mobile phone number provided by him/her as a second factor when logging in. With the registration, the user receives the possibility to generate and view detailed analyses from various third-party providers for the entered mandate specifications (implementation & investment strategy). The user undertakes that the information provided for registration is correct. Test requests and requests with intentionally false information are not allowed. The user can delete the account and the associated data at any time.

4. Subject and qualification of the data service

The detailed analysis includes information on the individual mandate specification, a total cost view ("all-in asset management costs" & product costs), master data information on the product modules used (designation, ISIN, costs and PDF documents) and contact details of the provider. The detailed analysis can be downloaded as a PDF and is stored within the user-specific account. The information contained on the portal is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer, recommendation or invitation to sign a contract or purchase a service or product. The master data on individual collective investment schemes contained in the detailed analysis (name; ISIN; TER; etc.) serve the specific implementation understanding of the analyzed asset management and advisory solutions and thus do not constitute advertising for the identified collective investment schemes. If the user uses the information on mandate solutions of the providers contained in the detailed analyses for his own purposes, he does so at his own risk. Any liability for damages resulting therefrom is rejected (see section 8).

5. Contact between user and provider

As soon as the user clicks on the declaration of consent for the creation of a detailed analysis of a provider, the personal data provided during registration is sent to this provider in encrypted form. From this point on, the provider has the option of contacting the user (by phone, e-mail, etc.) for the purpose of making a contract offer and on-boarding. The user can also contact the provider directly if desired. The contact coordinates of the provider can be found in the detailed analysis. Neither the user nor the provider are bound to the object presented in the portal in the detailed analyses. By establishing direct contact, the user leaves the sphere of influence of c-alm AG. c-alm AG disclaims any liability for damages arising as a result of contact with the provider.

6. Data protection and security

Data protection and security regarding the use of our services are governed by our privacy policy.

7. Copyright

The information on this website (logos, texts, images, graphics, photos, videos, software incl. source code etc.) is protected by Swiss and international intellectual property law. Also protected is the structure of our website. The user may use this information for internal purposes free of charge and revocable by the operator at any time. Any use of the website and its information beyond the granted right of use, such as copying, reproducing, modifying, reselling, distributing, extracting, reusing, transferring, publishing, downloading, reproducing or any other exploitation thereof, regardless of the means or medium used, is prohibited without the written consent of c-alm AG. All rights are reserved.

8. Liability

The user uses the services at his own risk.c-alm AG disclaims all liability arising from the use of the services.c-alm AG is in particular not liable for direct, indirect, direct and indirect damage to persons or property or pure financial loss not caused intentionally, or by slight or moderate negligence. Furthermore, c-alm AG is not liable for acts and omissions of third parties, for loss of data, impairment of transmissions and/or security, for any damage caused by interruption or failure of a service or for loss due to unauthorized access or due to viruses and other harmful components. c-alm AG accepts no responsibility for the correctness, completeness and up-to-dateness of the information contained on the website. The content of the website and its services may be changed at any time without prior notice. The information published on the website originates from a wide variety of sources, including third-party sources.c-alm AG requires the user to select and maintain his or her access data for the personal account, in particular e-mail and password, in a secure and confidential manner at all times and to protect it against misuse by unauthorized persons. c-alm AG is not liable for damages if the user's personal access data is misused. If c-alm AG becomes liable to a third party as a result of any action taken by a user, the third party must indemnify c-alm AG in full, including any enforcement costs. You are also responsible for using this website in accordance with all applicable laws in the country from which you access the website.

9. Amendment of these terms of use

We may change or discontinue the information, content, structure, etc. of this website, including the legal notice at any time without prior notice.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any disputes, irrespective of their legal basis, that may arise between you and c-alm AG in connection with the use of the services are governed by the substantive law of Switzerland, to the exclusion of conflict of laws and international law. The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of c-alm AG, subject to mandatory legal jurisdiction.